Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Baxter's Meatloaf

This is so yummy. I wanted to keep it, and share it.

Ingredients: Meatloaf

2 lb Ground Beef (80/20)
2 lb Ground Pork
2 Shallots
½ cup Worcestershire Sauce
½ cup Tomato Paste
⅓ cup Chopped Garlic
¼ cup Chopped Parsley
¼ cup Chopped Thyme
2 Eggs
1½ cup Panko Bread Crumbs

Add all ingredients together and mix thoroughly.
Form as one loaf in loaf pan or
form in 8 oz individual loafs in small loaf pans.
Bake at 350° (large 45 minutes-1 hour) (small 35 min).

We didn't try this part, but someday I will get fancy and add the mushrooms.
Chef Joe's Wild Mushroom Ragout

1 cup Oyster Mushrooms
1 cup Cremini Mushrooms
1 cup Small Button Mushrooms
1 cup Shitake Mushrooms
¼ cup Butter
¼ cup Sherry
½ cup Beef or Veal Stock

Prepare all mushrooms: Oyster mushrooms can be trimmed at the bottom and they will naturally separate; Cremini mushrooms will need to be cut into fourths so they are bite-sized; Small button mushrooms should be left whole; Shitakes need to be de-stemmed and cut into fourths.

In a hot sauté pan add 1 tbsp of oil and the mushrooms. Quickly sauté the mushrooms until they just begin to color (1-3 min). Add butter, sherry and beef or veal stock.
Cook until butter is melted and the liquid thickens (1-3 min).
Salt and pepper to taste.

Serve immediately over “Not Your Mother’s” Meatloaf.
Also good over other beef or veal dishes.

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